Soil improvement


Improvement of the integration ability and compactibility

We carry out targeted placement of binding agents and other suitable building materials to change the existing soil structure in such a way that a marked improvement in integration ability and compactibility of soil or building materials is achieved as a result.

Our soil improvement services can be used for all kinds of excavation work.



Mix unusable soil-layers to one usfull layer !

Milling with the target to get a homogenize compactable soil-layer !

A solution to get a wohle soil-layer with capacity for a road !


Classic application

Preparation as damp soils, not suitable for integration, with lime or lignite flue ash in one or more layers with layer thickness up to 50 cm

Milling of coarse material to improve the grain-size distribution curve and to make fine soils

Dry milling of soil layers for homogenisation and thus improvement of the frost resistance and storage conditions


Spreader and cold mixing machine
Road roller train and cold mixing machine


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