Soil stabilization


Sub-structure soil consolidation

Using a special technology and by adding binding agents we increase the durability of the material layers against exposure to the climate and traffic.

The process is applied in the upper zone of the subgrade or sub-structure of roads or paths of all kinds as well as in traffic areas and earth-moving work. It guarantees sustainable load carrying capacity and frost resistance of soils and building materials.


Classic sub-structure application

Milling of lime-cement compounds into inadequately sustainable levelled soils in order to guarantee an area-wide EV2 > 45 MN/m² forming module.


Upper ballast layer soil consolidation

We increase the durability of the soil or mineral aggregates against exposure to traffic and the climate by the targeted admixing and subsequent consolidation of hydraulic binding agents and water.

The layers established in this way possess sustainable load carrying capacity and resistance to frost.


Classic upper ballast layer application

Consolidation of built-in frost resistant material directly under asphalt or concrete in layer thicknesses of 50 - 20 cm as base layer according to RSTO (directive for superstructure standardisation) for all construction classes.



mixing process
Cold mixing machine with road roller train
Cold mixing machine controller
Spreader with cold milling machine


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