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Responsibility for the future

Knöchelmann Straßenbau Bodenstabilisierung Mix-in-Place-Recycling was founded in 1996 and has successfully established itself since then as a highly specialised supplier of innovative solutions for the soil improvement and stabilisationat home and abroad. As service providers in the construction field, we are long-standing partners of renowned road construction corporate groups in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Hungary.

We use computer-controlled technology to prepare the subsoil upon which Europe's fastest and most modern roads are developed. Our know-how consists of the targeted placement of mineral aggregates and hydraulic binding agents in order to establish the stability and durability of the sub-structure and upper layer of ballast in such a way that it satisfies the constantly increasing demands of high-quality road construction.

Our uncompromising demand on quality is substantiated by the continuous examination of our services by test laboratories.

We accept responsibility for the generations to follow, because:

  • Our innovation is to build using building materials that do not pollute the environment.
  • Our responsibility lies in sparing the resources by means of recycling salvage to new raw materials.
  • Our vision is a cultural landscape without building material landfills.



Knoechelmann Polska Stabilizacja Gruntowa Sp. z o.o.
ul. Biznesowa 9
PL-26-600 Radom
tel. 0048 / 691 975 820
Rainer Knöchelmann
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Marian Woźniak
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Michał Wendler
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